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We Understand The Complexities Of Employment Law

Ideally, employees and their employers have solid relationships, but that’s not always the case. Workplace problems surface, among them are accusations of discrimination, harassment and unethical business behavior. When these scenarios arise – whether you are an employer or an employee – it’s crucial to contact a law firm that understands employment law.

Smith, O'Toole & Brooke, PLLC in Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky, has decades of experience in employment law. If you are a mistreated employee, we will represent you. And if you are an employer who has been falsely accused of unlawful behavior, we will represent you, too. We are persistent, aggressive and will investigate your case while representing you to the best of our abilities.

From Whistleblowers To Employers, We Can Guide You

Whistleblowers and harassment victims must be heard. Federal law declares that it is illegal to retaliate against employees for:

  • Filing a lawsuit against an employer
  • Reporting any type of discrimination based on sex, disability, race, religion, age and sexual orientation
  • Filing complaints regarding sexual harassment
  • Seeking specific accommodations related to pregnancy, disability or religion

While we advocate for employees, we also represent employers. We can help employers implement strategies that may prevent these situations from surfacing. For example, we provide guidance in creating effective hiring practices, establishing rules on employee termination, implementing safety standards to protect employees and developing compliance guidelines related to wages.

We Are Experienced Litigators, Contact Us Today

Employment law can be complicated. If you are an employee harassed on the job, or an employer falsely accused of workplace misdeeds, our law firm can help you. The attorneys at Smith, O'Toole & Brooke, PLLC in Lexington and Richmond, Kentucky, have nearly 50 years of combined legal experience. We will fight to obtain a settlement for you if mistreated by an employer. We are persistent, aggressive, knowledgeable and willing to go to court. We are experienced litigators who also practice law in Michigan. Please call our lawyers at 859-514-6072 or send us an email.