Criminal Law

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Smith & O'Toole have handled many criminal matters ranging from traffic citations to felonies.  Their understanding of the process and willingness to fight for their clients has generated excellent results on a consistent basis.  Having had extensive business contacts throughout the years Smith & O'Toole have been engaged on multiple occasions to handle business crimes such as embezzlement, as well as more commonly occurring crimes that individuals find themselves faced with like DUI's or drug possession.   Whatever your situation, you can be assured that you will be heard and provided with an honest, aggressive defense. 

We Fight For Your Rights

When you need aggressive and experienced trial advocates or corporate attorneys, Smith, O’Toole and Brooke are the clear choice. With nearly 50 years of trial and business experience and their consistent record of success the lawyers of Smith, O’Toole and Brooke are the ones you want on your side when you are going to battle.

Serving All Of Central Kentucky

Smith, O’Toole and Brooke provide expert legal services in every county in Kentucky with a focus on helping people with their legal needs in the Central Kentucky area. Smith, O’Toole and Brooke have a track record of success in helping people achieve their legal goals and overcome their legal problems.