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A Business Law Advocate Who’s Knowledgeable And Experienced

Before running a business in Kentucky, an entrepreneur must have a practical idea, secure investors, create a blueprint, and then watch and hope that the company succeeds. There are many facets to running a company as you face many challenges, while understanding risk and educating yourself in the ways of the business world.

No matter how much you know about hiring employees, payroll, marketing or mergers and acquisitions, some subjects that you know little about often come to the forefront. The attorneys at Smith, O'Toole & Brooke, PLLC, in Lexington and Richmond, have the business law knowledge and experience that has helped hundreds of companies in central Kentucky.

Providing Guidance In Many Business Law Areas

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience and understand the importance of building relationships. We solve problems and are zealous advocates for our business law clients.

We have provided effective representation for clients in business law areas, including:

  • Business formation
  • Serving as general counsel
  • Corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions
  • Business restructuring
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Noncompete clauses and confidentiality agreements
  • Business litigation
  • Succession planning
  • Selling your business

We guide you and protect what you have created and built. We help business of all sizes gain the knowledge they need.

We Understand Kentucky Business, So Call Us Now

The business world can be difficult to maneuver, and that includes understanding its legal aspects. Central Kentucky entrepreneurs can rely on the experience of Smith, O'Toole & Brooke, PLLC. With offices in Lexington and Richmond, we are ready to help. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience and are effective in guiding you in business law matters from starting a company and mergers and acquisitions to succession planning and litigation. We also are licensed to practice in Michigan. Call our lawyers at 859-514-6072.