According to Health Care, when a person is in a social gathering, which involves alcohol, they may choose a designated driver for the group. Similarly, they should avoid letting their friends drive after getting drunk. Additionally, when a person has been drinking, they should call a taxi or get a ride from their sober friend. Furthermore, when they host a party involving alcohol use, they ought to remind the guests to have a sober driver besides offering them alcohol-free beverages.

Similarly, a parent or a caregiver should talk to their teens about the dangers of driving while drunk. They should ask their children to sign a pledge that promises not to drive while intoxicated. Additionally, they may call the police and provide them with their location, license, plate number, color, model, make and direction of a vehicle when they spot a drunk driver on the road.

According to Safeco, a person should plan. Although it seems like a no brainer, they should make a pact with their friends never to let anyone among them drive while drunk. When intoxicated, they should leave their vehicle somewhere and make a point of driving them back to their homes at dawn. Also, they should stay persistent with their drunken friends who want to drive. They should be non-confrontational and casual while insisting on finding another alternative to get home.

They may let their drunk friends to sleepover at their place. Also, they should stand firm and remind the designated driver of their safety. One should tell their friends about the harsh financial costs that they may get from DUI and the emotional expenses that may arise from a fatal accident.