A Kentucky man allegedly caused a three-vehicle accident in Tennessee that killed two and seriously injured two others. He now faces two counts of DUI vehicular homicide.

While responding to the accident, authorities at the scene observed the man standing nearby. Believing him to be under the influence, authorities attempted to summon a translator to the scene to assist in questioning him. The man reportedly tried to flee and then allegedly put up a struggle against law enforcement, resulting in additional charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

The accident occurred on an evening at the end of September. An earlier crash had taken place on U.S. Highway 79, causing traffic to back up. The Kentucky man came upon the stopped traffic in a pickup. It appears that he did not notice the backup. He reportedly crashed into the back of a second vehicle containing four occupants.

The force of the collision caused the second vehicle to cross the opposing lane of traffic and come to rest on the left shoulder, but not before crashing into the car in front of it, which ended up on the right shoulder. The pickup reportedly turned around and landed in a ditch on the right side of the road.

Two occupants of the second vehicle sustained serious injuries requiring hospitalization. As of the most recent information available, they remain in the hospital but their conditions are unknown. Two other occupants of the second vehicle, a husband and wife, died from injuries sustained in the accident. The wife lost her life a week after the accident took place, while her husband died at the scene.

This month, the Kentucky man’s case went to a grand jury in Tennessee. People facing criminal charges related to DUI may wish to consult an attorney.