Divorcing at any age in Kentucky comes with its challenge. When people divorce after 50 years old, the financial risks involved are a little higher than it is for others. The reason for this is easy to spot. At 50 years old and over, people are either nearing, at or past the age of retirement. This gives them very little time to make up for the lost perks of a joint income. For financially dependent spouses, the risk is even higher as they may have been out of the job market for a long time.

Many people may wonder why gray divorces even take place. Particularly in marriages lasting for decades already, it seems only natural that the couple might choose to work it out. However, Forbes notes that couples often know they have grown apart all along, but sometimes prefer to wait until the children grow up to go their separate ways. Infidelity and addiction are other common reasons.

Whatever the reason, finances can create obstacles that couples need to come together and work on. When one spouse has been managing all the finances in the relationship, the situation becomes even trickier. In fact, finances itself can play a role in divorce. When women increase their earnings, the marriage is more likely to fail, while the reverse is true when men make more money. Couples who argue over debts are also more likely to divorce in the end.

In spite of the negative role money may play in divorce and recovery, MarketWatch notes that couples divorcing in their early 50s have plenty of time to rebuild their careers and increase their earnings. To handle the loss of joint income and the split of the retirement nest egg, couples may need to make some key decisions. This may include whether to keep the family home, who becomes responsible for the remaining debt and how to make lifestyle changes that better suit the new budget.

While divorcing over 50 has its challenges, it is not without its perks as well. Especially for people who divorce in their early 50s, they have plenty of time to pursue the life they always wanted and maybe even meet someone new.