Very few divorces are completely stress-free. However, there are steps you can take to prevent stress from piling up during the proceedings. Your actions will have an impact on the outcome of the divorce, and they can also have an effect on the amount of tension you and your former spouse experience. To help you along, Forbes offers the following tips. 

It’s certainly true that divorce is the best option for some couples. However, you’re better off exploring other options before filing, simply for your own peace of mind. Couples counseling, individual counseling, and trial separations can all be beneficial for you to determine whether divorce is the best possible solution to your marital woes. Even if you ultimately end up filing, exploring other options first will provide peace of mind that you made the right decision. 

Some couples find it helpful to agree on a common goal during the divorce process. Having a goal in common can guide your decisions so you’re always striving towards that resolution. If you share children, the common goal will naturally be to ensure your kids have the best life possible. If you don’t have kids, you and your former spouse can promise to look for a resolution that leaves you both on equal footing when everything’s said and done. 

Of course, having a goal in common will be difficult if you and your ex don’t share a mutual respect. This can be extremely difficult when you’re still resentful about what occurred during your marriage and the circumstances that led up to your divorce. Try to put those thoughts and feelings aside, even if temporarily. Remain civil and polite when at all possible, and make decisions from a rational, reasonable place.