If you have been through a divorce with children in Kentucky, it is possible that you are obligated to make child support payments every month. The intention of child support is so that the custodial parent will be able to raise the child in a way that best fulfills the child’s needs. Child support is supposed to prevent a divorce from negatively impacting the resources that will be available to a child who may now be raised by a single parent.

But what if circumstances have changed since the divorce date? Maybe your ex-spouse has a new partner that is well-to-do, or maybe you have taken a hit to your income that makes it impossible for you to make the child support payments that are expected of you. In situations like these, it may be possible to get a child support modification by filing a request for review and modification with the requisite court.

What the court considers

 Once you file your petition, the court will take the information provided into account in making its final decision. The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services states that the court will look at how much you pay for child care, how much you pay for child support, how much you pay for spousal support, how much you pay for child health insurance and what your gross monthly income is. Once considering all of this information, the court will make its decision based on the best interest of the child.

This article is meant to provide information about child support modification, and is not a form of legal advice.