A lot of people in Kentucky will tell you that there are tricks to getting what you deserve out of a divorce, such as how to fill out the forms and what information to share and withhold from the court. However, an experienced attorney can tell you which forms are actually necessary and unnecessary, how to fill them out, and what information you can or should withhold. We at Smith, O’Toole & Brooke have helped many people through the difficult situations that arise in family law, including division of property, spousal maintenance and child support.

Deciding who gets what property in a divorce

 Every state has its own laws determining how property is to be divided in divorces. The decision usually comes down to two questions: Which property is individual and which is marital? And then: How is marital property to be divided based on specific qualifying circumstances?

A lawyer who has helped many clients in family law matters will be able to tell you what property is considered to be yours, and can help you to gain a favorable decision as to how the joint property is to be divided. If you can make a strong case before the court, you may be able to walk away from a divorce with a fair and satisfactory result.

However you cut it, divorce is a process that can take a while and that can be very strenuous on you and your family. Informing yourself about this process can give you a bargaining advantage. We have information about divorce and other family law matters on our website.