While driving under the influence is a danger to everyone on the road, it is unfortunate that a lot of people in Kentucky end up getting DUI charges every year. However, many people learn after their first charge and do not repeat the same behavior.

Some people, on the other hand, do not seem to realize the gravity of their mistakes. This is exactly what happened with a woman who, on Wednesday, September 4th, was charged with her fifth DUI, according to WDRB. She was also charged with driving without a license.

If it turns out to be proven true in the court of law that this woman was indeed driving under the influence, it makes quite a statement. It would mean that despite being educated in the past about the risks of driving while intoxicated, this woman drove with the knowledge that she could be putting the lives of others in jeopardy. This time her mistake has affected many more people than herself, as the head-on collision killed the passenger in her truck and the two people in the other car.

The police say that other charges are pending as well, which indicates that the woman may be facing vehicular homicide charges. The woman’s sister was her passenger. Why her sister was willing to put trust in a driver who was intoxicated and had multiple past DUI charges is unknown, and it is possible nobody will ever know, now that she is dead.

DUI charges can be life-altering and very expensive. Anyone who has been charged with a DUI may need a competent attorney to defend them in court.