If you have been charged with a DUI in Kentucky, you probably feel that you have either made a huge mistake, or that you have been unfairly blamed for a crime you did not commit. Regardless of which of these circumstances applies to you, the fact remains that a DUI charge can have a big impact on your life, and this does not simply stop at the revocation of your driving privileges. At Smith, O’Toole & Brooke, we have helped reduce the charges for many DUI clients, giving them another chance when things seemed hopeless.

DUI penalties can be severe

 Even if it is only your first DUI, you will likely be dealing with fines and court fees, on top of alcohol education, community service, probation or possibly jail time. If you have prior DUI charges, you can expect that the penalties the court attempts to levy against you will be more severe.

Even in the most stressful circumstances, keeping a cool and informed head can help to mitigate the consequences. A skilled attorney can help you to evaluate the important factors that will help you to make your case. For example, depending on how things went when you got pulled over, it is possible that your blood alcohol test results are not even admissible in court.

In some cases, it is possible to even get a DUI charge dismissed. However, the result of the case depends on a lot of factors. If you would like to learn more about DUI charges, visit our web page.