A fairytale wedding day does not guarantee a long and happy marriage. While the divorce rate in the U.S. has held steady over the past few years, it is still sobering to note that half of all marriages will end in divorce.

When you and your spouse cannot see eye to eye and divorce looms, it is a good idea to get some understanding about the process. The laws in Kentucky may dictate how you proceed with the process. Take a look at these four things about getting a divorce and plan accordingly.

  1. Dissolution of marriage

Kentucky laws refer to the divorce process as a dissolution of marriage. When you decide it is time to sever marital ties with your spouse, you will want to speak to an attorney about the process. However, in general terms, as long as one of you has lived in Kentucky for 180 days, you can file for dissolution of marriage. Only one party has to file and serve the other.

  1. “No-fault” state

There is no finger-pointing under the divorce statutes in the state. This means that the parties do not need to give a reason for the divorce. Even if something like infidelity is the cause, a court does not factor it in when deciding on the issues.

  1. Court is optional

Most divorce proceedings resolve without having a judge hear them. That is because mediation is a popular way to get all issues resolved. A mediator is a third-party, typically an attorney, who acts in the same general capacity as a judge helping the parties negotiate the terms of the dissolution.

  1. All issues must resolve

You cannot get a divorce decree without all problems resolving. Therefore, alimony, child custody and child support must all become part of the negotiation and dissolution process before a judge will grant the final divorce severing the ties.